How It Works

How It Works

Get A Free United Kingdom Address In 30 Secs

Simply fill in your name, address, and email to register for free. Start shopping on UK online stores immediately using your assigned UK address.
* No Registration or Memberships fees.
* No Limit to the number of packages per address.

Shop On Any UK Online Stores

Start shopping immediately on Amazon, eBay, Zappos, Walmart, and over 120,000 UK online stores. You can also shop on a number of other websites in the United Kingdom using your assigned UK address.

Shop And Send To Your Assigned UK Address

Go to your address book on any online store you are shopping from and set your assigned UK address as your delivery address. Send all your purchases to your assigned UK address.
* We receive your items from the stores.
* We notify you within 24 hours.
* Track on our website.

Save Big On Shopping

We repackage your shipment if you want to remove unnecessary boxes. We consolidate all your purchases from different stores so that you pay for your items as one.
* Save up 70% on shipping cost by consolidating.
* Reduce Packaging service will lower shipping costs.
* Remove original invoice.

Select Your Preferred Shipping Method

Choose from our flexible shipping method depending on how urgent you want your items delivered. We deliver properly based on your preferred method.
* 24-hour international express shipping.
* Ship to over 239 destinations.
* Lowest economy shipping prices.
* Ocean freight.